History, Vision & Our Values

Who is SecurAlarm?
And why should you place your trust in us?

SecurAlarm LLC was founded in 1993 with a simple belief … and an incredible challenge.

President Patrick Van Haren and Executive Vice President Gloria Lubben realized there was real opportunity for a security solutions firm that would bring true passion to protecting people, property and places. One that would embrace innovation. Take ownership. Reward initiative. And capitalize on creativity.

Thus was born SecurAlarm. And while much in the security industry has evolved from nearly a quarter century ago, one thing holds true: Our unshakable resolve to remember WHY we started.

We Care, So We Protect. It’s our mission … our purpose for existence. Everything we do starts with our WHY in mind.

Accomplishing this vision doesn’t occur by coincidence or happenstance. Family-owned, SecurAlarm is guided daily by a set of core beliefs to which we all hold true.


Graphic Courtesy of Simon Sinek

Core Beliefs

  • We Are Family – We treat each other and take care of each other like family!
  • Everybody, Anything – It doesn’t matter what the role or title is, if something needs to be taken care of anyone can do it! If the trash is full, take it out …
  • Fierce Leadership – All team members are leaders at SAS; we passionately take action and embrace ownership.
  • Creatively Tenacious – We WILL get it done! We will find a way to serve our clients; to come up with the right solution; we won’t give up!