The SecurAlarm Difference

Among security systems integrators, SecurAlarm Systems distinguishes itself in important ways.

For clients across America and around the world, we design, install and integrate the industry’s newest electronic security, fire alarm and communication systems. Businesses, organizations and institutions also rely on us to monitor and maintain solutions implemented by us, and by others.

In every endeavor large or small, we bring true passion to protecting people, property and places. The reason is simple, the sentiment sincere, and the resolve unshakable: We Care, So We Protect.

Individually, in teamwork with others at SecurAlarm and in collaboration with you, it’s a mission that’s driven us to meet – or exceed – the needs of thousands of clients since 1993. And we can do the same for you.



With one client after another, SecurAlarm Systems encounters separate and disparate security solutions that have been added singly over time – resulting in systems that work individually but fail to work together.

But while the problem is common, our solutions are anything but.

With best practices in systems integration, we’ll integrate the functionality of all applications through one software interface. Better yet, we’ll identify your operation’s “single source of truth” and structure all information models so that you’ll enter every data element exactly once. With business management analytics, we’ll extract the most useful – and actionable – information from your database. And by hosting your security applications, we can reduce your expenditures in time and money for computers, maintenance, training and troubleshooting.



No matter the threat to your personnel, property or premises, SecurAlarm Systems a solution that eliminates or minimizes your risk.

We specialize in the implementation and integration of systems that span your entire operation – no matter how large or geographically diverse. Typically, these solutions address access control as well as visitor and vendor management. They extend to video analytics and surveillance, and encompass alarms for fire or intrusion as well as systems for emergency communications.

Our services go far beyond design, installation and integration. We can host, manage or host-and-manage all aspects of your access control system. Similarly, we regularly monitor and maintain systems for fire, video and emergency communications, bringing clients benefits including time- and cost-efficiency.


  • “Metro takes great pride in supporting locally owned businesses that have the ability to support the demands needed in healthcare organizations today.  SecurAlarm offers that high level of support and technical ability.  The integrated systems your company has installed in a  number of our neighborhood medical centers and within the hospital provides the highest level of security for our patients, visitors, and employees that Metro Health is looking for.I also want to thank your operational team for the timely service, communication, and expertise they give to the hospital security department. This is imperative to their operations.

    I am very pleased with the progress and accomplishments that the partnership between Metro Health and SecurAlarm has produced.”
    Metro Health

  • “SecurAlarm has been a long-standing partner and service provider to Calvin College.  Over their many years of service, they have provided innovative solutions based on leading technologies.  SecurAlarm has been a dependable, thorough, and reliable business partner to Calvin.  Their technical staff, their sales staff, and their management have taken the time to get to know us and to understand our particular, and sometimes peculiar needs.  And, they have consistently delivered a reliable, state-of-the-art security solution.”

    Calvin College

  • “Since going through our process to get proposals for an upgraded or replacement system, again SecurAlarm has come through with the best proposal at the best value for our operation. Through the delivery process I again appreciate your attention to detail, the amount of expertise that each of your staff has, the layout provided to us of the proposed system and systematically how it would all come together and be implemented within our requested time frame.
    At this time I cannot say enough in support of your company and each team member within it. It is our pleasure to work with a competent company and team such as yours.”
    Kent County Court House

  • “SecurAlarm’s broad security systems background, experience, honesty, and pleasing personalities make them a joy to work with. They have a keen knack and a track record for knowing how to use technology to solve your security/asset protection Issues, improve productivity, and reduce costs. I have enjoyed working with the folks at SecurAlarm over the last 8 plus years. I appreciate the product knowledge and customer service approach and would recommend them for any of your security system endeavors.”


  • “When seeking an upgraded or replacement security system, SecurAlarm come through with the best proposal at the best value. Throughout the installation, I appreciated their attention to detail and the expertise exhibited by their staff. The layout of the proposed system and the implementation schedule helped us understand how it would come together and be completed within our deadline.
    Kent County Court House