Visitor Management Systems

Keeping the wrong people out – and letting the right ones in – quickly and efficiently

iStock_000010118737LargeWhen facility entrances aren’t secure, companies and organizations are vulnerable and liable. Workplace violence, industrial espionage, theft and sabotage are just some of the ways that unauthorized visitors can threaten your personnel and property.

Visitor management systems from SecurAlarm Systems can help you control access to your facility. You will know who is in the building and who they are visiting or contracted through, thereby making your employees accountable for their visitors and vendors.

Easy to set-up, operate and maintain yet integral to your total security system, visitor management systems from SecurAlarm can:

  • Capture visitor photos, signatures, business cards and driver’s license information
  • Perform discrete security checks
  • Enable employees to register visitors and vendors online, ahead of time
  • Notify workers when visitors arrive through email or text messaging