Credential Management Systems

Tracking employees and visitors, and providing management efficiencies

Credential management solutions from SecurAlarm Systems achieve far more than establishing perimeter security and underscoring your company or organization’s commitment to safety for employees and visitors.

With SecurAlarm’s credential management system, we develop a template customized for your specific needs that captures images electronically and stores them securely along with the cardholder records. Credentials typically take the form of an ID card or badge that addresses the requirements of multiple control systems throughout your organization.

These tools often feature “smart card” capabilities such as the individual’s photo, magnetic strips or barcodes, embedded chips and more. Whatever your choice, you can then produce these cards for your employees and visitors, or we can provide the service for you.

By restricting access to workstations, labs, records rooms or cash centers and by monitoring time clock reporting, our identification cards or badges enable you to enhance security, improve safety, and manage productivity – often in coordination with your other security measures such as an extension of your access control system. If provided by SecurAlarm, you will benefit from the convenience of sourcing the “one card” solution through a single vendor. You will also realize the management efficiencies of integrating multiple systems and programs.

Once the system is implemented, all cardholder information is centrally managed to enable ease of enrollment (or revocation) and integration with directories, as well as reporting and reviews of enrollee activities.