Certification Management

Restricting access by an individual’s training status in the interest of safety and security

Restricting access to particular areas in a facility through a certification management program implemented by SecurAlarm Systems can save your business or organization from avoidable fines and penalties, let alone the benefits of enhanced employee or vendor safety and security.

Through the program’s enrollment process, an individual’s training certificates for safety, equipment operation, hazardous materials, or chemical handling training are entered and tied to the area access levels they have been granted.

With SecurAlarm’s comprehensive certification management solution, workers and vendors receive automatic notifications when recertification is required. If they fail to recertify by the deadline, their access to the area will automatically be revoked. Agile as well as capable, the access control rules of your particular organization can be entered into the system, multiple notification levels created, and links to your training portal established.

The reporting requirements of regulatory agencies can be met through the creation of customized audit reports through our program, thus minimizing your administrative time while ensuring compliance.