Video Analytics and Surveillance

Enabling you to recognize the characteristics and actions of people and vehicles

With capabilities including advanced object tracking, demographics, dwell and loitering, facial surveillance, license plate recognition, people counting and queue management analysis among others, video analytics from SecurAlarm can enhance the security, revenues or efficiency of your business or organization.

Our systems can be configured to identify bottlenecks in workflow processes, lingering patterns in retail settings, misdirection in traffic patterns, and slowdowns in manufacturing procedures, to name just a few examples.

Use these insights to accelerate jobsite operations, drive merchandising decisions, optimize customer service and recognize threats, among other benefits.

Video analytics from SecurAlarm can be leveraged in real-time or recorded on video for later review. When analytics are run in real time, you can be notified via email or text messaging to take appropriate or corrective action.

Network Cameras

Delivering better image quality in support of video analytics and surveillance

Dome Type CCTV CameraInstalled as part of your overall security solution by SecurAlarm, network cameras share the images they capture over your network utilizing traditional Category 5 or Category 6 network cable while offering users multiple efficiencies.

Rather than cabling the cameras all the way back to the recording system, network cameras can be linked to the nearest Ethernet switch. And instead of relying on independent power supplies or separate electrical cables, network cameras can be operated by power-over-Ethernet switches.

Network Recording

Utilizing video management software to optimize the storage, retrieval and viewing of images

CCTV Security Office Watch StationVideo analytics and surveillance solutions from SecurAlarm leverage commonly available digital resources – such as Dell or HP equipment – to record the video traffic from your network cameras.

Benefiting from the latest video management software recommended and installed by SecurAlarm, these Network Video Recorders (NVRs) are easily scalable to your business or organization based on the number of cameras and number of days of archived video you want to have on hand, among other factors.

Workflow Process Analytics

Supporting multiple approval levels, and tracking all requests within the system

UV Night Vision Security CameraThis concept can be applied by SecurAlarm to both the access control credential management process and video analytics. In the realm of access control, workflow management allows individuals to log in through a web portal to request adjustments to their access control authority.

With our solution, the request is automatically routed to the individual responsible for approving access to that particular area. Once the person authorizes the request, the change automatically takes effect. Multiple approval levels can be supported, and all requests can be tracked as to where they are in the workflow process.