Enterprise-Wide Security Management Systems

Integrated System Solutions

Spanning your enterprise and incorporating seemingly disparate systems

Whether your company or organization is contained at one site or includes locations in multiple cities, states or even countries, SecurAlarm can unify your security needs to enhance performance, convenience and efficiency.

As a security systems integrator, we specialize in the implementation and integration of systems that span your operation, no matter how large or diverse. Highly experienced, we regularly bring systems such as access control, emergency communications, fire alarm, intrusion alarm and video surveillance as well as visitor and vendor management into a single user interface. Your benefits include greater ROI as well as enhanced ease-of-use and efficiency.

Network Infrastructure

Leveraging your investment to maximize your network resources

One of the most cost-effective ways to move data within a business or organization is to leverage your investment in network infrastructure. SecurAlarm product solutions maximize your network resources by using them as the communication backbone for security devices and controllers alike.

We support network segmentation with solutions such as VLANs to isolate the security equipment; our network team can discuss the industry’s best practices with you.

Microsoft SQL Databases

Enabling efficient sharing of information between multiple management systems

By employing Microsoft SQL Databases in most of our access control solutions, companies and organizations can enter information into any one database and share it easily with others – without having to enter the data multiple times. As a result, SecurAlarm often achieves for our clients significant savings in time and effort.

One of the most common interfaces for our applications is SAP for human resources data. Others include ADP and Kronos for time and attendance or payroll transactions, cashless vending systems and parking management systems.

Standard server configurations support the most current Microsoft servers and operating systems.

Microsoft Active Directories

Tying – or denying – someone’s permission to enter your building with access to your network

By integrating SecurAlarm product solutions with your Microsoft Active Directory, we can link an individual’s permission to enter your premises with their authorization to access your network.

Of course, we also can configure the integration so that a person cannot log into your network if their access credential is no longer valid. Similarly, if their employment privileges have been revoked, deleting their building access can automatically result in the immediate suspension of their Active Directory credentials.

Workflow Management Systems

Providing automated management of employees as well as partners and contractors

In many organizations, significant effort (and expense) is required to monitor and maintain workforce information. What’s more, this data oftentimes becomes redundant or is even overlooked due its management by different individuals or departments.

A workflow management system from SecurAlarm provides automated management of your employees as well as partners and contractors. Human resources tracking, training, certifications and more including adherence to corporate and regulatory policies can all be electronically enforced with this system.

A comprehensive, flexible solution, processes pertaining to regulatory compliance, corporate policy governance and even software system requirements can be assigned to those at the operation level. Simultaneously, events occurring at the operational level can be communicated to the corporate level and automatically incorporated into your enterprise business processes.

The efficiencies you can gain through a workflow management system from SecurAlarm include:

  • Tracking employees and achieving access-level approval automation
  • Guaranteeing ongoing compliance through automated rules and procedures
  • Meeting and automating physical security compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Implementing automated occupational health and safety controls
  • Integrating and distributing physical security business processes throughout your organization

As implemented by SecurAlarm, workflow management systems can also track pertinent information for partners and contractors working on an organization’s physical site. This includes the ability to segregate such groups from the workforce for reporting and tracking of any unique requirements.