Emergency Communications Systems

Leveraging all communications assets to respond and recover

Impaired or lost communications – coupled with a lack of real-time access to critical information – can dramatically reduce the ability of a business or organization to respond to and recover from an emergency. If for any reason electrical power is interrupted or emergency responders overwhelmed, you need your own means with which to secure your environment and seek help.

SecurAlarm Systems can help ensure that you are prepared for such events with an emergency communication system that is easy to use, able to operate independent of any other system, and cost-efficient in both its implementation and maintenance.

Leveraging all available assets, our emergency communication systems allow you to communicate within and across your company in minutes via all contact methods – including cell phones, email, fax, landline phones, text messaging, pagers, and more.

Emergency events – as defined by your policies and procedures – are entered into the SecurAlarm emergency communication system in advance, as are the proper protocols and messages. In such a situation, the event is either automatically launched or manually triggered so that your team is notified in the most expeditious manner possible.