Alarm and Emergency Communication

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Protecting your employees and assets from external and internal threats

Intrusion alarms from SecurAlarm benefit your business or organization in multiple ways. They protect the employees and assets of your operation from burglars, vandals and intruders. Internally, they assist you in loss prevention and through integration help ensure the integrity of your access control system.

Comprehensive and scalable, SecurAlarm intrusion alarm systems are comprised of strategically placed devices such as window and door sensors, internal infrared motion detectors, and glass break sensors. Proven deterrents against vandals and thieves, they can greatly reduce the risk of loss of equipment, time, and money. Basic system features include:

  • Customized perimeter and interior protection
  • Easy to expand and upgrade
  • Identification of exact point of alarm
  • Maintaining open/close reports
  • Partitioning capabilities
  • Reliable wireless products
  • Remote service and programming capability

Take your security to the next level with professional monitoring. SecurAlarm can provide 24/7 monitoring services whereby you are immediately put on notice of a problem and the proper authorities are contacted in case of a security breach.
A choice you can make with confidence, SecurAlarm has been chosen time and time again to secure work environments due to our years of industry experience, consultative approach, and the high quality hardware and software on which our systems are built.

Fire Alarm Systems

Detecting fires, alerting employees and notifying first responders

iStock_000000103001LargeFire alarms from SecurAlarm have the capability of doing much more than an alarm’s most basic tasks; detecting signs of smoke or heat, and alerting the people in your facility of a fire safety hazard.

Comprehensive in their capabilities, they also summon emergency services for you as well as providing tone or verbal instructions for evacuation. When integrated with your HVAC system, they can prepare the structure and associated systems to control the spread of fire and smoke – thereby minimizing damages to your facility and assets. Key components include a fire alarm control panel, primary and secondary power supplies, initiating devices, notification devices, and building safety interfaces.

Related services from SecurAlarm will help optimize your fire alarm system’s operation. For example, we can monitor the system for your business or organization to provide you the peace of mind that you are keeping your environment – and the employees within – as safe as possible.

As an added service, we will maintain a strict schedule of inspections so your system will work when you need it, and provide maintenance and testing services on fire alarm, detection and notification devices as follows:

  • Alarm panels
  • Batteries
  • Duct detectors
  • Fire pumps
  • Flow switches (sprinkler risers)
  • Generators
  • Hand pulls
  • Heat detectors
  • Horn strobes
  • Power supplies
  • Smoke detectors
  • Tamper switches (sprinkler risers)
  • Voice evacuation systems

Video Verification Systems

Monitoring 24/7 your premises while providing complete portability

iStock_000010374061XSmallVideo verification systems from SecurAlarm provide 24/7 monitoring and are completely mobile – enabling you to position and reposition them in areas of the greatest need. Wireless in operation and battery powered (if desired), the monitoring devices can provide protection anywhere.

Unlike traditional alarm sensors, SecurAlarm video alarm systems offer round-the-clock central station monitoring with a 10-second video clip every time motion is detected by the devices. False alarms become an issue of the past with this “eye-witness” technology. And when you consider that over 70% of alarms sounded are due to improper operation by employees, cleaning services or system sensitivity, our systems can reduce unnecessary dispatches, save money and provide a return on your security investment almost right from the start.

Emergency Communication Systems

Leveraging all communications assets to respond and recover

Impaired or lost communications – coupled with a lack of real-time access to critical information – can dramatically reduce the ability of a business or organization to respond to and recover from an emergency. If for any reason electrical power is interrupted or emergency responders overwhelmed, you need your own means with which to secure your environment and seek help.

SecurAlarm can help ensure that you are prepared for such events with an emergency communication system that is easy to use, able to operate independent of any other system, and cost-efficient in both its implementation and maintenance.

Leveraging all available assets, our emergency communication systems allow you to communicate within and across your company in minutes via all contact methods – including cell phones, email, fax, landline phones, text messaging, pagers, and more.

Emergency events – as defined by your policies and procedures – are entered into the SecurAlarm emergency communication system in advance, as are the proper protocols and messages. In such a situation, the event is either automatically launched or manually triggered so that your team is notified in the most expeditious manner possible.