Managed Access Control Systems

Enabling complete control, relieving you of computing, maintenance and licensing costs

A managed access control solution from SecurAlarm Systems provides the security your business or organization needs while eliminating a significant portion of your initial investment and ongoing operating expenses.

The solution combines physical access control hardware that you purchase with an operating system we maintain.
As such, it’s an ideal option if you would like to deploy a card or badge access system but also seek to:

  • Eliminate the expense of purchasing a dedicated computer
  • Cut the costs incurred for maintaining a trained staff
  • Reduce fees associated with software licenses

By simply contacting us, you can manage any access system function desired, such as:

  • Easily adding and deleting cardholders
  • Setting access levels on the spot
  • Creating and printing photo ID badges
  • Generating customized reports (e.g., scheduling, events)
  • Managing your card database and backups

Readily scalable, a managed access control solution from SecurAlarm lets you specify the amount of control you need now and add doors later as your business grows. Best of all, by trusting us to set up, administer and maintain the system for you, your employees can devote their time to your core operations.