Access Control System Options

Securing your facility and integrating your access control system with other solutions

Given today’s crime rates and other security threats, controlling access to your facility or grounds is a vital concern to any business or organization.

SecurAlarm Systems has your solution. Offering comprehensive and scalable access control for operations of every size, our systems give you complete control over who has access to your property, and when they may enter it.

Before recommending any system, we’ll review your access control needs by considering factors such as:

  • Purpose of the security system
  • Level of security required
  • Size of the system
  • Exit and controlled-exit system options
  • System connectivity needs

In addition to exploring your access control system choices, we will also assess your overall security needs with an eye toward optimizing operation, convenience and control. For example, SecurAlarm access control systems can be seamlessly integrated with your existing systems – uniting access control with your video surveillance, fire and intrusion alarms, visitor management, building automation, and asset management functions.

Option #1: Client-Hosted & Client-Managed Access Control Systems

Many businesses and organizations elect to host their access control solutions at their site. The software application can be virtualized or hosted on dedicated physical resources. In either case, the cost of hosting, supporting and maintaining the traditional server/client application is born by the client. In this configuration, managing the day-to-day card holder changes and schedule updates inherent to access control systems is almost always performed by the client.

Option #2: SecurAlarm-Hosted & Client-Managed Access Control Systems

Web-browser based solutions from SecurAlarm Systems deliver to you all the advantages of a full-featured access control system, but without the infrastructure and operating expenses associated with traditional server/client solutions. With this option, we provide a secure, cloud-based hosting environment for your access control application, and you gain the freedom to manage it from any location at any time – and from any web-enabled device.

Option #3: SecurAlarm-Hosted & SecurAlarm-Managed Access Control Systems

For companies and organizations electing to assign the management of their access control solution to a specialist and devote their attention to core operations, SecurAlarm Systems assumes responsibility for performing all administrative functions on their behalf. When selecting this set-up, we create a portal through which you can request and authorize changes. Our team will then execute all routine updating tasks, freeing your resources for other assignments.