Operational Efficiency Solutions

Delivering enterprise-wide security management solutions through systems integration

When evaluating the existing systems of companies and organizations we’ve engaged with, SecurAlarm encounters one significant inefficiency time and again: separate and disparate systems. Often beginning with one system like an alarm system, or software package, like a card reader system, users later add other systems such as those for video monitoring and employee identity.

While each system may work well on its own, most don’t work well together, if at all. Employing one control panel for fire, another for access control and perhaps yet a third for digital video surveillance is no way to achieve the kind of efficiency that SecurAlarm can achieve through systems integration.

We’ll integrate the functionality of as many panels and systems as you have through a single software interface. This will enable events in one system, such as a forced door alarm, to trigger actions in another, such as causing a camera to pan/tilt/zoom to capture the activity at the door in question. You benefit from greater convenience and enhanced control. Better yet, you can have us set up your fully integrated system to enforce security best practices, detect breaches in the defined parameters, and automatically notify you of any anomalies.

Empowered by SecurAlarm operational efficiency solutions, you can then deploy designated team members as needed for action or reaction.