Hosted Applications

Providing security as a service with the benefits of reducing costs and enhancing performance

Relying on SecurAlarm to host – or host and manage – your security applications can bring to you numerous advantages. Your business or organization can benefit by significantly reducing your needs for computer hardware and software, maintenance, training, and troubleshooting costs.

Employing a cloud-based solution, we will provide to you on-demand, 24/7 remote access to a shared system of computing resources inclusive of all security applications as well as software, server, storage and related services.

Completely reliable and fully secured, SecurAlarm hosted applications are also readily scalable. The flexibility and elasticity of our hosted applications enable you to scale up or down as your needs evolve. The solution also offers advantages in preventive maintenance service as you transition from a traditional repair-or-replace model to one that’s significantly more proactive in its updates and maintenance.

Considered by many the ideal solution for small and medium-size companies and organizations, SecurAlarm hosted applications can greatly reduce your investment in IT infrastructure as well as the distraction of managing it – enabling you to devote more time, energy, and resources on your business or operation.