Database Integration

Building and benefiting from a “single source of truth”

Most businesses and organizations have as many databases as they have departments – each with their own unique purpose and system owner or administrator. While separate, the databases share many of the same data fields, particularly when it comes to employee information. How many different databases in your organization include your employee’s first and last name? Most likely human resources, time and attendance, active directory, and vending/dining services, to name a few.

The information you enter for one database often has to be keystroked for another and perhaps yet another – duplicating employee efforts and increasing opportunities for error. This inefficiency is, of course, compounded when you not only have multiple databases, but also multiple locations at which they are deployed.

SecurAlarm solves this problem by identifying your operation’s “single source of truth” or SSOT. We then structure all information models so that every data element is entered exactly once. With this solution, updates to the SSOT database are shared automatically with the other databases based on their needs.

Our software engineers can help you reap the benefits of SSOT integration ASAP – with single-source efficiency – and without the need for an outsourced, third-party vendor.