Business Management Analytics

Getting the most useful and actionable information from your database

As you read this, it’s likely your video surveillance cameras, card readers, and other security devices are at work collecting information – and a great deal of it. But beyond your immediate security needs such as preventing loss or prohibiting unauthorized access, how can you best benefit from all the data you’ve accumulated?

The answer is business management analytics provided to you by SecurAlarm. We’ll help you not only extract information from your database, but also make the most of it in advancing your business goals, enhancing your security, or optimizing staffing levels.

For example, how many shoppers are stopping at your new product end cap? You’ll know with SecurAlarm. Our video surveillance analytics encompass people counting, dwell time, loitering, congestion, and object tracking elements. Other examples of video analytics include motion recognition, license plate recognition, color recognition, object left behind, object missing, and directional or trip-wire triggers and search criteria.

Similar business analytics applied to access control systems by SecurAlarm can help you determine not only peak usage patterns at key entrances or exits, but also traffic patterns, restricted area usage, empirical data regarding the quantity of badge additions or changes, lost badge trends and more.

What’s more, efficiencies derived from SecurAlarm business management analytics can be enhanced by our robust reporting engines that offer you greater visibility of project costs, controls, and performance.