Security Case Studies

In the field: Deterring recurring thefts from an equipment company with a video-verified alarm


A large construction equipment company was encountering repeated thefts – suffering approximately $100,000 in losses from their fenced-in property at night and on weekends over an extended period of time.

Approaching SecurAlarm, they wanted to know what security solution could best address the company’s situation. The fact that their assets were stored on a semi-rural outdoor lot unattended after hours made the situation all the more challenging.


After touring the company’s grounds and assessing the site’s fenced perimeter security as good but not sufficient to deter determined thieves, SecurAlarm recommended a video-verified alarm system.
These systems are often ideal for outdoor environments. Highly resistant to inclement weather, they employ small, wireless video devices that could be positioned surreptitiously near the equipment company’s inventory. Infrared technology verifies movement with video clips in darkness, thereby preventing false alarms and needless police calls. An added advantage was the system’s affordable price.


Strategically positioned near the client’s equipment, the video devices detected motion, initiated immediate video recording, and sent the clip to a central station for verification of human movement vs. that of animals, falling tree limbs or wind-borne debris.
The theft attempts came to a halt soon after the SecurAlarm system’s installation. It enabled the prompt dispatch of law enforcement to the construction equipment company’s property whenever suspicious human activity was detected after hours.