Simple solutions to complex problems in healthcare

SecurAlarm Hosts “Elevating Security & Efficiency in Healthcare”

On April 19, 2022, SecurAlarm LLC will host “Elevating Security & Efficiency in Healthcare” from 8am-12pm at Grand Rapids Downtown Market. This free and educational event is part one of two in the series: Creating Healthier Spaces. It is focused on helping healthcare organizations align complex problems with simple and holistic solutions to increase efficiency and safety, improve employee morale, and elevate visitor/patient experience. 

Holistic solutions to complex problems

Brent Van Haren, SecurAlarm

SecurAlarm President, Brent Van Haren, said, “We hear, and experience, that resources, especially people, are extremely limited today. We know threats and risks have not gone away; if anything, they are elevated with the increased strain on mental health. But it is hard to know what actions will actually lead to a safer environment. So, we are bringing together some incredible experts to share through a variety of approaches how organizations can achieve a more holistic impact.”

What to expect

Thought leaders and industry experts at this event will share lessons learned protecting organizations like the White House and Pfizer and how to apply them in healthcare settings to integrate safety, efficiency, and spatial design. Their integrated and comprehensive approach to planning that will help attendees guide discussions and encourage collaboration with their peers to deliver healthier spaces for their staff, visitors, and patients. 

“People can be turned off by security because it has this stigma that it kills efficiency and aesthetics,” said Van Haren. “But when security is an afterthought, it creates reactive decisions and siloed systems that can negatively affect brand and experience. The things that deliver a healthy space, one that is safe, efficient, and comforting, should be at the forefront of planning in a more deliberate, collaborative, and meaningful way.” 

Jason Russell, Secure Education Consultants

A panel discussion and technology overview will cover problems and solutions that are common for healthcare workers and any organization facing staffing shortages and evolving compliance requirements. Keynote Speaker, panelist, and Founder/President of Secure Education Consultants, Jason Russell, will conduct a de-escalation training to teach effective techniques for high-stress situations. Other panelists include Brian Wisneski (Director, Physical Risk Mitigation at Pfizer), Greg Kemper (Regional Director of Enterprise Sales at Genetec), and Mark VanDyke (Manager of Business Assurance at Spectrum Health). Leading vendors in the industry such as Axis, Assa Abloy, SoloInsight, and Genetec, will present different technology options available.  

Who should attend?

Applying solutions in healthcare environments

Gloria Lubben, SecurAlarm

This event aims to reach and bring together those working in facilities, ERP/data management, safety, risk, IT, HR, and security teams so organizations can increase workflow efficiency, leverage existing systems, identify threats, and better evaluate and prioritize changes.

SecurAlarm Vice President, Gloria Lubben, said, “It doesn’t matter who your security partner is, nor what technology you’ve deployed. This learning experience is educational in nature, and those attending will be introduced to content they can apply within their own environment.”  

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More about SecurAlarm

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