Secure Card Transition

Access CardIn my last post, I highlighted the vulnerability of 125kHz Proximity Cards and recommended that you start planning for a transition to a more secure credential. This is an overview of the options that HID has available to ease into a transition.

The best strategy is to replace all of your cards and all of your readers with a more secure technology. Depending on the size of your system or the number of cardholders in your organization, that’s not a budget conversation that will be easy to have or allocate funds to with limited advance notice. If you can afford to do it in one fell swoop – go for it.

For those who need more time to plan fiscal expenditures, you can start by either replacing your card population or your reader population. In both cases, HID offers a dual-technology solution that allows you to deploy a card that will work with both the old and new readers; OR a reader that will read the old and new cards. Do not implement both.

The most logical approach will be driven by your specific situation. How many card readers do you have deployed throughout your facility or enterprise? How many cards do you have issued? Do you have more than one facility code across your card population? Do you use your cards or credentials in any other systems across your enterprise; such as time clocks, asset-tracking systems, key management systems, cashless cafeteria services, vending machines, etc.

If you would like some advice about your current level of risk, suggestions for what to budget, help in planning your transition to a more secure credential, or an opinion about the advice you’re getting from your current system provider, please let me know.

As long as you’re considering upgrading to a more secure card technology, it’s a GREAT time to consider implementing some of the newest trends in access control solutions – like mobile credentials. You’d be surprised how much easier it is to get funding for cool technology! More on that next time!


Gloria Lubben
Executive Vice President/Director of Sales and Marketing

Gloria joined with Pat Van Haren in 1993 to found SecurAlarm and help forge its vision. Gloria is passionate about working where what we do to enhance security on behalf of our client’s matters. As a graduate of Calvin College, she takes her alma mater’s slogan of service personally: “My heart I offer to you Lord, promptly and sincerely.” Gloria has been active in the industry since 1983; as a consultant and trusted advisor to clients, as a respected competitor of industry related peers, as a teacher and mentor of teammates, and as a Certified Protection Professional since 1993. Today, Gloria leads the company’s Sales Team where she is able to mentor associates and share her years of experience and depth of knowledge in sales and the security industry. Gloria and her family enjoy the great outdoors; fishing, hunting, camping, and exploring different parts of the country!

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