To Blog or Not to Blog?

to blog or not to blogClients and colleagues have been encouraging me to blog for quite some time.  By the way, what a weird word!

In some ways, I think of blogging the way I think of Facebook; why would anyone care what I’m doing or what I think about a particular subject?

I attended a seminar a couple of years ago that was hosted by one of the leading electronic door hardware manufacturers.  The man who was leading the seminar saw me in the audience and said, “talking about electronic door hardware with Gloria in the room is kind of like talking about the flood with Noah in the room!”  I got a kick out of that.  After the presentation, he reiterated his point by asking me why I came?  It’s simple, you can always learn something.

Not quite as old as Noah, but I have been growing in knowledge and expanding on my expertise in this industry for a really long time.  And I’m happy to share what I’ve learned, just ask me.  Sounds good in principle, but it’s not really that easy is it?  It’s hard to connect, you don’t have my contact info, you don’t know when you’ll run into me next, you don’t really know me that well, it’s not that big a deal, never mind…

What I’ve learned from being a blog reader is that it’s a really efficient way to share information with people that you might not interact with regularly or ever.

To Blog or Not to Blog?  My goal has always been to serve clients and peers throughout the security industry.  As a blogger, I’m going to see how I can be helpful on a broader scale.  To that end, I’m planning to take a more educational approach to sharing content, ideas, opinions, and even pose questions for your consideration.  For example, What’s really in that bag of apples?  Did you know that sheep aren’t the only things that can be cloned?

There are several blogs that I refer to regularly, and there are some very gifted bloggers out there.  There are also some really irritating ones!  I can promise you this; my blog will never include pictures of our dog, political content, or a rant on any particular issue.  Just things that might be helpful or thought-provoking for you in your role.

I would love to hear from you if you find the information provided helpful, or if you would like me to dig into anything a little deeper.


Gloria Lubben
Executive Vice President/Director of Sales and Marketing

Gloria joined with Pat Van Haren in 1993 to found SecurAlarm and help forge its vision. Gloria is passionate about working where what we do to enhance security on behalf of our clients matters. As a graduate of Calvin College, she takes her alma mater’s slogan of service personally: “My heart I offer to you Lord, promptly and sincerely.” Gloria has been active in the industry since 1983; as a consultant and trusted advisor to clients, as a respected competitor of industry related peers, as a teacher and mentor of teammates, and as a Certified Protection Professional since 1993. Today, Gloria leads the company’s Sales Team where she is able to mentor associates and share her years of experience and depth of knowledge in sales and the security industry. Gloria and her family enjoy the great outdoors; fishing, hunting, camping, and exploring different parts of the country!

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